Lean Six Sigma Books

Lean Six Sigma for Good
Categories: Lean, Nonprofit, Six Sigma
Tags: Brion Hurley, Environment, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma for Good, Nonprofit, Social Good, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Volunteering

Making IT Lean: Applying Lean Practices to the Work of IT
Categories: Lean, Software
Tags: 5S, A3, Capacity, Gemba, Kaizen, PDCA, Root cause, Single Piece Flow, SMED, Swimlane Diagram, VSM

2 Second Lean
Categories: Job Shop, Lean, Manufacturing
Tags: Kanban, Poka-yoke/Error Proofing, Respect for people, Single Piece Flow, Visual Controls, Waste

Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions
Categories: Health Care, Lean, Management, Manufacturing
Tags: Change Management, Gemba, Heijunka, Root cause, Standard Work, Visual Controls, VSM

Reversing the Culture of Waste - 50 Best Practices for Achieving Process Excellence
Categories: Lean, Management, Six Sigma
Tags: Change Management, Innovation, Six Sigma, VOC

Six Sigma on a Budget: Achieving More with Less Using the Principles of Six Sigma
Categories: Sales and Marketing, Six Sigma, Software
Tags: DOE, Hypothesis Testing, PFMEA, Probability, QFD, Sigma levels, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC) / Control Charts

Six Sigma for Small Business
Categories: Development, Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Six Sigma, Small Business
Tags: Belt levels, Change Management, Control Plan, COPQ (cost of poor quality), CTQ, Deming, DFSS, DMAIC, General Electric (GE), Pareto, PFMEA, Poka-yoke/Error Proofing, Project Selection, RACI, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control (SPC) / Control Charts, TQM, VOC, Y=f(x)

The Lean Startup
Categories: Engineering, Lean, Software
Tags: 5 Why's, Agile, Andon, Ford, Hypothesis Testing, Innovation, Kanban, Net promoter score, OODA, Pull, Rapid prototyping, Shigeo Shingo, Single Piece Flow, Six Sigma, SMED, Split testing, Taiichi Ohno, Toyota, TPS, Waste, WIP

Lean for Banks: Improving Quality, Productivity, and Morale in Financial Offices
Categories: Banking, Development, Lean
Tags: 5 Why's, 5S, A3, Agile, Benchmarking, Change Management, Concurrent Engineering, Continuous Improvement, Countermeasures, Gemba, Hoshin Kanri, ISO, Just-in-time (JIT), Kaizen, Kaizen blitz, Kanban, Poka-yoke/Error Proofing, Pull, Respect for people, Root cause, Single Piece Flow, Six Sigma, Taiichi Ohno, Takt Time, Toyota, TPS, TQM, Visual Controls, VSM, Waste, Work cells, Zero defects

A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System
Categories: Lean, Manufacturing
Tags: Kaizen, Setup Reduction, SMED, Toyota, TPM, TPS